"Good Day

I wish to bring to your attention the exceptional service delivery received from Jose Mthembu.

I logged a call on Saturday 18 January 2020 at 17:06 and Jose was at my premises at approximate 17:45.

What he discovered was life threatening to say the least.

On Friday 17 January 2020 the Municipality Electricity went off at 09:00 at my house as result of a faulty circuit breaker/connection/illegal connection(still not sure). However after logging a call with City of Tshwane (COT) at 13:30 their Electricians arrived on site at 20:00. They restored power at approximately 21:15, however on Saturday 18 January 2020 one of my circuit breakers kept on tripping and I call The Electro Surgeon.

Jose arrived and immediately discover that the Municipality incorrectly connected a white phase in the Municipality Box to the earth wire. All 220 volt appliance were running on 380 volt line, meaning that the electricity supplied from the Municipality was 380 volt and not 220 volt. Jose immediately switched off all circuit breakers in my house and despite this all appliance in my house was still live. Jose then started with his fault finding and at approximately 22:20 restore power to my house. The incoming earth from the Municipal DB was still live and Jose then had to cover it with insulation tape as a temporary measure and I logged a call again with City of Tshwane and reported this to the ward councillor of Ward 79 of COT. Strangely there was another earth wire coming into my house. As it was late Jose said he will return on Sunday morning to prepare the invoice.

On Sunday 19 Jan 2020 at 10:00 COT arrived on site and I explained to the representative the problem. Obviously they don’t believe me but luckily Jose arrived on site. The COT representative refused to speak to Jose and stated he will only talk to me. Jose explain to COT representative he sees what mistake was made with the COT DB board but they did not want to take his advice. Jose and I then proceeded to my house and Jose said he will stay until COT has fixed the life endangering situation. After about an hour the COT representative then came to my house and asked Jose to help. Jose explain what he sees the problem is. COT went back to the DB and then only repair the Municipality DB correctly. After that the earth in my house was working correctly.

Jose saved my life, that of my 9 year old son and my wife. He also prevented a catastrophic disaster as 5 other houses was endangered by this act of incompetency from COT.

I truly believe Jose needs special recommendation. I am fully aware that reporting this to COT will heal no results but maybe Electro Surgeon can report this to a regulatory body as to the dangerous situations that was created as result of incompetence from COT

Danie Basson

"Dear Sir/Madam

Jose assisted me tonight. What a knowledgeable electrician and a great person.
He was an absolute pleasure to have in my home and made a difficult situation easier.
I highly recommend him to others.

Keep well.
Ruhan Robbertze

"Hi Lizette

I would like to officially confirm with you that the repairs to the house have been successfully completed. Please go ahead with the payments for the electrical and structural work.

I would also like to commend Jacques of Electro Surgeon for the outstanding work which he did. He was effective, efficient and always willing to go that extra bit to ensure that his work was of the highest quality. I was thoroughly impressed by his professionalism in dealing with this matter. As a body corporate member of Central Perk I would highly regard him for future electrical work to be done at the complex going into the future.

Please contact me if you need any further information. Thank you Lizette for all of your help in closing this ordeal out, you are truly an amazing person. God bless."

Kind regards,

"Hi Kathy

I wish to thank you guys for a job well done. I’m so impressed with Thapelo and Jan for their teamwork, skills and reliability. Next time I need an electrician, I’ll know where to go."

Kind regards,
Dawn Nell

Assistant Director: Transversal Human Resource Services
Department of Education: District Tshwane North.