Frequently Asked Questions

What is arc fault?

An arc fault is an unintentional discharge caused by undetected problems for instance, electrical cables pierced by picture-hanging nails.

Why is an arc fault dangerous?

An arc fault can set flammable materials on fire.

How do I stop an arc fault?

You interrupt the electrical flow with an AFCI (General Electrical Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter). It detects any arc faults and then cuts of the flow of electricity immediately. The AFCI also helps you to identify the source of the problem by tripping at a specific location.

Can fuses and circuit breakers replace an AFCI?

No. AFCI is specifically designed for this purpose.

Are AFCI's required by law?

Yes, according to the National Electrical Code of January 2002 all new bedroom circuits should be installed with an AFCI.


Do you only operate during office hours?

No, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How soon will you attend to my call?

It depends on the workload. However, to minimize time wastage all our vehicles are fitted with radios or cell phones to ensure instant communication.

Where is the nearest Electro Surgeon?

Enter your postal code into the text field to view the contact details of your nearest branch.

Power Loss

What causes a power loss?

A power loss is caused by any unforeseen event that cuts of the power to your electrical system, for instance a storm.

How can I prevent such an event from impacting on my electrical system?

By installing a backup power system called a generator. Drain Surgeon can assist you with this.

How does a generator work?

A generator runs on petrol and is therefore not dependent upon your electrical system. It automatically switches on when there is a power loss to provide power to designated appliances etc. As soon as the electricity is restored it automatically switches off again.

What type of generator do I need for my home?

It will depend on the amount of electricity you need to keep essential appliances running.

Surge Protection

What is an electrical surge?

A surge is a spike of very short duration in electrical voltage. It can enter your home through an incoming electrical line, the telephone or even the TV cable or internet line.

Where do they come from?

It can be generated by a nearby lightning strike or from the motors in your electrical appliances that are turned on and off during everyday operation.

What can they do?

A lightning strike can cause immediate, severe damage. Low level surges degrade electronic components over a long period, thereby shortening the life of computers, home appliances, etc.

What can I do to prevent this?

There are many different home devices to protect your electronic devices as well as surge strips to protect one device at a time. We recommend that you install a combination of both for maximum protection.

How do surge protectors work?

Surge protectors redirect surges to the ground, thereby dispersing the energy.

Which surge protector should I use for my home?

Each surge protector focuses on a particular type of wire for instance electrical versus telephone wires. Please contact your nearest Electro Surgeon branch for assistance in choosing the best surge protector for your home.